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Ask Me Anything

What Do You Want to Know?

It’s natural to have lots of questions when you’re letting a stranger take care of your pet. What if my pet is a vegan? Will my pet be in contact with other aggressive animals? These are just some of the common questions that I provide answers for below. If you still have something you’re unsure about after going through the list, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and I’ll get back to you ASAP.


What are your basic Prices?

Prices vary on size of your beloved pet, and work performed.  There is a standard Convenience Fee of $20 with every visit no matter the number of pets we are working on.  
Dog Sizes are 0-24, 25-59, 60-98 and 99 or more.  
Please contact by text for more information.

What vaccinations are required?

We require that your pet is up to date on shots, including a current rabies shot.  Please supply this before first appointment. Information of vet and vaccinations will be entered into pet account. 

My dog has allergies and sensitive skin.

We will work with you and your pet to ensure that we use only the safest and no unnecessary products that can react to your furbaby's skin and senses.

​Pawsome Styles uses AromaCare shampoo that uses essential oils to assist in caring for a range of skin issues.

How much experience do you have? How do you dogs that have been termed "difficult"?

I have 12 years of Corporate experience with over a year now applying my talents in home grooming. I have worked with many breeds and personalities and can adapt to any situation. I rely on working with a pet with the use of muzzles as a necessity versus the norm.

What exactly is At-home grooming? How is it different from traditional grooming?

At-home grooming refers to bringing the process of caring for your dog(s) in the comfort of his/her own home. Imagine having the ease of mind of not having to take your fur-baby somewhere else. The whole service is completed IN the home, within sight or sound of their family.

Stress and anxiety is reduced for both the parents and the pet making a more relaxed environment for all.

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